David Green for the 13th Congressional District.

For the past century, the Democratic Party has claimed to represent the interests of working people in general—union members, minorities, the poor, and women. Yet while these groups are referred to as the “base” of the party, for four decades their interests have gone largely unrepresented. Democratic Party leaders appeal to a shrinking middle class while neglecting the working class and those workers who live in poverty.

I choose to run an insurgent campaign in the Democratic primary in the 13th U.S. Congressional District in order to represent the unaddressed interests of these workers and their families, those who produce the vast wealth that is unjustly appropriated by the robber barons of our era.

My campaign slogan, a 'New' New Deal, invokes both the New Deal programs that created jobs for millions in the 1930s, and the Occupy movement of the 99% with its demand for economic justice.

I offer a clear alternative to the politics of avoidance, obedience, and triviality. Our children and grandchildren face huge and related threats in terms of climate change, militarism, and inequality. It is time to face these urgent challenges honestly and squarely with a politics that lives up to the name of the egalitarian ideals of our party, on behalf of the vast majority who learn and labor to create the material wealth and spiritual richness of this nation.

imageSJ-R editorial board interviews David Green. Watch the video here.

imageWGLT: Self-Described "Insurgent Progressive" Dem Vying For Congress.
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Bringing our troops home and dismantling both our empire of bases and the unconstitutional national surveillance state.

Ending the unjust and racially-biased War on Drugs.

Ending poverty—especially among children—in our wealthy country.

Legislating a clear path to citizenship for immigrant workers.

Increasing the unjustly low taxation levels of the richest among us.

Providing “Medicare for All”— single payer and universal healthcare.

Funding free public higher education and ending student debt.

Reversing the ongoing privatization of K-12 public education.

Moving to a living-wage human and social service economy through federally funded full employment at federal, state, and local levels.

Overturning/opposing “free trade” agreements such as NAFTA and the
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Promoting and protecting the rights of workers to organize and join unions.

Raising the minimum wage to a living wage of $15/hour.

Removing the income cap on the Social Security payroll tax and increasing retiree benefits from the bottom up.

Banning hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and moving intensively towards a
post-fossil fuel future.

Ending diplomatic, financial, and military support for oppressive regimes.

Establishing a sovereign and viable Palestinian state in accordance with international law and the support of the international community.

An Initial Appeal for Funds & Support: 1,000 for $10

My fundraising goal is $10,000; so far, I have raised $3,000. Funds to this point have been spent on designing this website and ordering materials. Future funds will be primarily for social media and campaign scheduling. On this modest basis, I am running and will continue to run a viable and vibrant campaign that reaches all of the voters in this district.
If you have not donated and are so inclined, you can use the DONATE button on this website. But even if you don’t donate but do support me, I ask that you LIKE my campaign Facebook page, accessible from this website. I also encourage you to circulate this request to your own contacts and friends.

Thanks. – David Green

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